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Tree Planting Exercise - NADMO_Berekum East


Tree Planting Exercise

It is said that when the last tree dies the last man dies, indicates that trees are important to mankind in many diverse ways. Not only this, trees are also critical to river environments in the sense that; Trees can help reduce the temperature of the water which reduces the risk of drought as a result of shade provided by the trees during hot temperatures. Trees also protect rivers from pollution, runoff and have been known to almost completely serving as life for mankind. Again trees prevent the erosion of the fertile soil found on the banks of the river etc. These and other reasons are why the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) - Berekum East Municipal Secretariat conducted a tree planting exercise in Berekum. The Tree Planting Exercise took place at the Ghana Water Company treatment site, (around Koraa river) Berekum on the 10th of June, 2022 which was aimed at preventing the Koraa river from drying up especially during the dry season and help the preservation of the environment. An entourage of NADMO staff and Disaster Volunteer Groups led the exercise by planting tree such as acacia, wawa, framo Cinderella, etc. The trees will be under watch until maturation stage in order for it to serve the purpose for which they were planted.

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