Welcome to Berekum East Municipal Assembly

General Assembly Meeting Held at Berekum East Municipal Assembly Hall


The General Assembly meeting at Berekum East Municipal Assembly was organised by the General Assembly to engage Assembly Members in various discussions. The meeting started at 9:00am by an opening prayer, followed by roll call on members by the Honourable Presiding member of the Assembly, Mr. BAffour Awuah. Minutes of previous meeting was read by the Genereal Assembly’s Secretary. The Municipal Chief Executive gave his opening addressed after which the members and the departmental reports were also heard. Committee heads were invited by the Presiding Member to present their reports for assessment. The main items on the agenda were then discussed by the Honourable Members of the House. Other matters were also taken into consideration In all the meeting was peaceful. Members were happy to meet one another once again, pleasantries were exchanged and members departed safely.

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