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Disaster Education for the General Public

The Berekum East Municipal Assembly through the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) in collaboration with Chris FM organized a disaster education in Berekum. The program was aired on Chris FM and other information centers across Berekum Municipality. The exercise took place from the 12th to 23rd December, 2022. This was done to sensitize the general public on bush / domestic fire prevention and to reduce the occurrence of fire related disasters in Berekum East Municipality. An entourage of NADMO staff and Disaster Volunteer Groups were involved in the educational exercise. The program went through a panel discussion on prevention and avoidance of bushfire. Awareness creation on both radio and information centers were also ensured. Some of the topics discussed were causes of bush fire; bush burning, smoking, charcoal operation, etc. It is expected the exercise will help reduce the occurrence of bush fires in the Municipality especially as we enter the dry season

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