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Berekum Thursday Market: Secondary City Support Programme


The Berekum East Municipality is one of the MMDAs in the Bono Region of Ghana, over the years the Community which has its district capital as Berekum has benefited from numerous projects both at the local level and national level at large. Areas such as road, water, education, health, sanitation, sports, employment among others have seen some significant improvements which has affected the livelihood of the citizens in a positive way. Among the several developmental activities embarked by respective governments, the Municipality was fortunate to be selected as one of the beneficiaries of the secondary city support programme. The programme which was span in phases has seen the transformation of the Berekum Thursday Market into a modern day edifice. The Thursday market has seen new and beautiful structures befitting of a modern day market. The structures include sheds and lockable stores. After the realization of this vision, the market has seen extreme improvement in terms of buying and selling especially on Thursdays. Sellers and Buyers in Berekum and its surrounding communities do converge daily at the market centre to embark on various buying and selling activities. Occupants are so happy due to the inclusion of the police station, fire service post and a clinic as well as a day care canter which were all included in the plan of the new market. According to the general public, the already mentioned inclusions have beefed up security at the market place. Populace have expressed their gratitude to the originators and contractors of this beautiful project. The market is even busier during festive seasons like Christmas, Easter, etc. it is anticipated that the edifice will continuously be used for its purpose and as well have a proper maintenance culture to keep the project for a very long time. It is envisaged by the general public that more of such projects will emerge in the communities of the Municipality.

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